I can't tell you what a draw I am at these events. People all want to be photographed with me.

I shape and produce web/media strategies for my clients - companies, corporations and cultural organizations - creating strategically-driven media, photography and video.

I have huge inter-personal skills and work with clients to focus their efforts to connect with and reach new markets for their businesses to grow.


Below is a list of who I've been working with recently.

The Industry LA: Marketing concepts and images for the Crescent City Opera and Invisible Cities working very closely with Yuval Sharon

Artsmeme.com: cultural art's blog: Marketing concepts and images.

Michael Newberry Artist: Photos and successful Kickstarter campaign Video.

California Greenworks: Inner city environmental organization. Directing marketing strategy and media production and co-producing the Eco-event Earthfest LA 2013.

Dynamic Music Partners - Film and TV music scoring: Media production for website. Agent of Change Apparel - marketing strategy, photos and video production.

iPalpiti Classical Music Orchestra- photo documentation for marketing their Classical music festival. CultureAndMusic.com creation and production of a successful artist's speaker event.

Past clients are primarily in marketing and advertising photography for E! Entertainment, Comcast, Sony Music, The L.A. Philharmonic, The Hollywood Bowl, Wells Fargo, Sennheiser and many, many others.

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