Dana Bio - danaross

Dana Ross - A quick bio. As yet very raw and unedited. Photography hit me with a passion when I was about 12 years old. I was fascinated by every aspect of it. I have never done anything else. All my influences from music, literature and art and have been translated into my creation of photos. I make photos as art, social commentary, philosophical reflection, for physical excersize and for marketing and commerce. I have never done anything else. I have never had a "real" job. I have lived in, photographed in, been published in and hired as a photographer in the U.S. Britain, Italy and France. The Swiss just didn't understand me. I work for great clients from Fashion magazines in Europe to T.V. productions in the U.S. For years I worked for architects and interior designers, then Classical Music organizations and record companies, everything from fireworks at the Hollywood Bowl to Recording Sessions for Jazz and Classical labels. Lately it's been a lot of T.V. and corporate work. I'm seeing that my job is actually to market ideas and have been branching into video production if that better suits my clients. Most of my editing of still and video is done on laptops in cafes, usually travelled to on bicycle. That's how I ground myself.

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